More Allegations About State Hospital

Cheyenne, Wy – There are more allegations of problems at the Wyoming State Hospital. The group known as Protection and Advocacy is alleging that it has received numerous reports of patient-on-patient assaults at the
hospital, and that teens are too often housed with adults -- and in some cases, adult felons.
The group's executive director, Jeanne Thobro also says the staff at the Evanston instititution for the mentally ill is extremely overburdened.
Thobro says mandatory overtime is causing staff burnout and staff discontent -- which is significantly hampering patient care. The investigation -- and a separate one by the state -- came about after the suicide of a 43-year-old female patient at the state hospital in March. Deb Fleming is director of the Wyoming Department of Health. She says she is awaiting the conclusions of the state's review
team, which is expected by the end of the month.