More Proof Tax Rate in Wyoming is Low

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming is home of such grand things as Old Faithful, Devil's Tower and the Tetons -- but not big tax bills.
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine examined state and local
tax assessments in each state's most populous city, based on what
an imaginary family of four with an annual income of 90-thousand
dollars might pay.
Cheyenne was the lowest, collecting 22-hundred dollars on
average per year.
Houston was second, followed by Jacksonville, Florida and
Memphis, Tennessee.
Not surprisingly, the highest tax burdens were on the East
Coast, led by Bridgeport, Connecticut, at over 12-thousand dollars
in state and local taxes.
When the second largest cities in each state are included,
Casper beats Cheyenne by 94 dollars for lowest-taxed city in the
Kiplinger's says Wyoming is at the top of the list because it
lacks a state income tax as well as low property tax and
below-average sales tax.