More Rigerous Brucellosis Testing Possible

Casper, WY – The State Livestock Board will consider a new plan for brucellosis testing at a Tuesday meeting in Casper. The possible change would require negative brucellosis test, prior to change of ownership, for cattle that are sold for the purpose of breeding. Breeding cattle do not make up the majority of cows sold from Wyoming, but State Veterinarian Jim Logan says this change would help Wyoming's standing with other states and improve brucellosis surveillance. If the Livestock Board adopts the change, it would also need to decide whether to apply it statewide or just in areas considered at risk, in the western part of the state. Logan expects to ranchers from Eastern Wyoming to argue that it's unnecessary for them to test because they are so far from the problem area. Conversely he thinks western Wyoming ranchers will say it's unfair to leave them to battle brucellosis alone. Who would pay for the testing is also a question.