More Scrutiny For The Sinclair Oil Refinery

Jun 25, 2012


An organization connected with the Centers for Disease Control says it believes there should be more scrutiny of emissions coming from the Sinclair Oil Refinery. 

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry declined a request by the Wyoming Outdoor Council to do a full health assessment, but WOC’s Bruce Pendery says they did say that some recent mishaps that led to high levels of pollutants to go into the air, should be more closely monitored.  Pendery notes that the refinery recently received a fine from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality for some environmental violations. 

“The Occupational health and safety people are engaged out there because of the fires and some of the injuries related to fires.  The DEQ has been forced to impose rather substantial fines to force the refinery to clean up out there.  A number of agencies have recognized that this refinery needs careful scrutiny. “

He said the objective is to stop the mishaps that have caused concern in the community.

 “What we want is to make sure that the health of people living in Sinclair or living in the Rawlins area is not at risk, is not being challenged or threatened. ”

Pendery said the goal of getting regulators to keep a closer eye on the refinery seems to be working.