Mysterious Construction Project Draws Attention

Laramie, WY – A mysterious construction project south of Rock Springs is raising questions from Sweetwater County officials, who say the contractor hasn't obtained two required
County officials say the contractor, International Ground
Support Systems, of Santa Fe, N.M., has told them it intends to
build an underground vault to store documents.
In the early 1990s, IGSS also built an underground vault near
the northern California town of Petrolia to store documents for the
Church of Scientology.
The construction work began last summer and involved grading a
road and clearing some land. Construction equipment and materials
have been parked on the space and Sweetwater officials say the
contractor has needed to obtain a permit for a construction yard.
An attorney representing IGSS, Robert Reese, says the contractor
has not needed a permit because the work done so far is consistent
with past use of the ranchland.
Several phone messages left with the contractor and the Church
of Scientology were not returned.