Nancy Freudenthal testifies about qualifications to be a federal judge

Washington D-C – First Lady, Nancy Freudenthal, testified before the U-S Senate Judiciary Committee on her nomination to be a federal judge in the state. Judicial hearings for federal judges aren't usually controversial. But the top Republican on the committee Jeff Sessions joked about the importance of vetting judges that are appointed for life.
Session1 "Ms. Freudenthal, You got a lot better job security than your husband if you get this job."

Freudenthal has taken some heat from Wyoming Republicans for being nominated by her husband, the Governor. She's a civil attorney in Cheyenne. During her husband's two thousand three governor's race, Freudenthal promised not to go before boards appointed by him. She was pressed on why she later changed that pledge.
Fruedenthal "Over the course of his time in office I concluded that that approach was not in the best interest of my clients."
Freudenthal was also questioned on her judicial philosophy, which she says is one of allegiance to the law, impartiality and hard work. Both of Wyoming's G-O-P Senators testified on her behalf. Senior senator Mike Enzi had only praise.
ENZI1 "I think she'll be outstanding. She has some tremendous background I think will lend itself well to that position and I think it's a position we need to get filled."
If confirmed, Freudenthal will be Wyoming's first female federal judge. It's unclear when the committee will vote on her appointment.