Natrona County airport adds new screening technology

Oct 31, 2011

     The Casper/Natrona International Airport had added what is called advanced imaging technology and automated targeted response software.  It safely screens passengers for possible threats, including explosives, without body contact.  It also eliminates the need for passenger specific images and uses a generic computer generate outline of a person as it scans.   Airport Manager Glenn Januska said those who need further screening will going into a booth and raise their hands over their head. “The machine will detect if there is something that would have to be inspected further.  And for passengers that have to go through with pins, or artificial knees, things that in the past would require further inspection, I think they will find this more convenient, less invasive and will be able to process passengers more quickly.”  Januska says it will be much faster than taking someone out of a line for a pat down or further scanning.  He says it has been very popular with passengers.