Natrona County Needs to Pay Higher Salaries

Laramie, Wy – Two Natrona county commissioners say the county fails to pay its employees competitive salaries and needs to increase pay to keep and attract workers.
County Commission Chairman Drew Perkins and Commissioner Matt Keating met with about a dozen county department heads or their representatives this week to review the results of a salary survey.
The survey, conducted by students at the University of Mary in
Bismarck, North Dakota, found employee pay at Natrona County lags behind the salaries paid at the City of Casper and other similar counties in Wyoming.
Keating says the county needs to give its employees pay raises both to make sure they're making a living wage as well as to keep employees from leaving the county for employment with oil companies and others that pay better.
The commissioners and the department heads agreed to study the problem with the intention of raising pay for Natrona County employees up to market levels over the next three years.