New chain law in effect this winter

Laramie, WY – A new chain law is in effect on Wyoming highways this winter. When weather gets bad, the Wyoming Department of Transportation will now be able to restrict travel to vehicles equipped with chains or all-wheel drive vehicles with adequate snow tires. WYDOT Spokesman Dave Kingham says under the old chain law, snow tires were not required on all-wheel drive vehicles. He says they'll probably test out the new law on Interstate 80 near Elk Mountain and on Highway 28 south of Lander. The Highway Patrol may set up inspection sites to monitor compliance. Kingham says the law also comes with higher fines: "It's up to 250 for just ignoring the restriction itself. If you ignore the restriction and end up in some kind of incident that causes the closure of the highway then the fine can go up to 750 dollars."

Ultimately, Kingham says, the law may allow certain highways to remain open in nasty weather... by restricting travel to well-equipped vehicles.