New Drinking Laws Will Go Into Effect

Cheyenne, Wy – New Wyoming laws go into effect July first
making it illegal to have open containers of alcohol in moving
vehicles and imposing tougher penalties on drunken drivers.
The Wyoming Highway Patrol reports that it handled 59 crashes
involving drugs or alcohol last year. Those crashes resulted in 66
The patrol issued more than 13-hundred citations for driving
under the influence last year.
Wyoming Attorney General Pat Crank says outlawing open
containers of alcohol in moving vehicles is an important step for
the state. He says that if people can drive around with open
containers, it increases the number who are going to go over the
legal limit.
State Senator Tony Ross of Cheyenne sponsored the legislation to
outlaw open containers. He also sponsored bill that becomes law
July first imposing jail terms of up to a year on a first
conviction of driving under the influence with a child passenger. A
second conviction could mean up to five years in prison.
Another new law authorizes felony charges for drunken drivers
who severely injure someone in a crash.