New executive order expands sage grouse protection

Laramie, WY – The governor has issued a new executive order to try to protect sage grouse in the state. This order renews an older one, and expands the area of land deemed core sage grouse habitat by 300 thousand acres. Governor Dave Freudenthal says this new order also establishes corridors through core sage grouse habitat for power lines, but those corridors are where there are lines already.
"For instance if there is an existing power line through a sage grouse area we have said look if you want to put another power line in that area that's already disturbed we're fine with that even though it goes through a core area. That's based on the notion that you already have the disturbance."
The order formalizes the plan completed by the governor's Sage Grouse Implementation Team earlier this summer. This is all part of Wyoming's effort to keep sage grouse off the endangered species list. Freudenthal says if the next governor renews this executive order, they will review the plan every year.