New Law May Keep Candidates Off the Ballot

Lararmie, Wy – Five candidates from around the state that won their parties' nomination may be kept off the ballot in November, this includes one leading state senator.
It all happened because of a new law that says all legislative candidates must file a campaign finance report within ten days of the primary election. The deadline was last Friday, and the five candidates in question failed to meet that deadline.
Deputy Secretary of State, Pat Arp, says this is a difficult legal problem because of a Wyoming Supreme Court decision this year. She says her office asked the Attorney General to make a ruling on the issue by this Wednesday. And she says there is a rush because they have to certify all candidates by Thursday and the county clerks are already waiting for that to happen.
The most noteworthy candidate who missed the deadline is Senator John Schiffer, who has served in the Senate for 12 years.