New Laws Go Into Effect

Laramie, Wy – One-hundred-fifty-three new laws go on the
books in Wyoming Friday, including one that will hold public officials more accountable.
Other new statutes will reduce the penalties for candidates who fail to file campaign finance reports on time; penalizing people who host youth drinking parties; bolster security for livestock records; and tighten controls on cold medicines used to make methamphetamine.
Under a change to the open meetings law, any official who knowingly and willfully closes a public meeting in violation of the act could be subject to a fine of 750-dollars.
Under new criminal statutes, inmates can be charged with aggravated assault if they intentionally propel blood, saliva or other bodily fluids at a detention officer.
Wyoming also joins about 40 other states in outlawing inhalation of toxic substances such as paint thinner, gasoline, glue -- even felt-tip markers.
Lawmakers also have created the crime of voyeurism by prohibiting anyone from watching someone in a restroom, dressing room or anywhere else where the victim could reasonably expect privacy.