New owner will sell Vietnamese goods in Buford

Apr 13, 2012

Vietnamese media have identified the buyer of Buford, Wyoming. Pham Dinh Nguyen placed the winning bid of $900,000 at auction last week, giving him a month to finalize payment and take over the 10 acres marketed as “The Nation’s Smallest Town.”

Sole Buford resident Don Sammons paid $155,000 for the property in 1992. Adjusted for inflation, that's about $250,000 today.

Nguyen, 38, runs a trade and distribution company called International Distribution Services in Ho Chi Minh City. He told Vietnamese state-run media that he sees buying Buford as a way to tap into the American market. He has not stated specific plans for the town, but says he plans to sell Vietnamese goods there.

Some of his countrymen have criticized his decision to buy the remote foreign town instead of investing in businesses in his home country to create jobs there.