New poll: Mead has a big lead over Petersen

Laramie, WY – A new poll shows that Republican Matt Mead has a big lead over Democrat Leslie Petersen in the race for governor. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay has the details

The poll was done by Rasmussen Reports and out of 500 voters, 61 percent said they would vote for Mead, while 25 percent said they supported Petersen. The poll was done over the phone on September 30th. It shows that Mead has increased his lead slightly since the poll Rasmussen did in August.
The survey found that likely voters view both candidates favorably, but that Leslie Petersen has very little name recognition. A third of respondents didn't know enough about Petersen to offer an opinion about her one way or the other.
The poll also found that 26 percent of Wyoming voters consider themselves members of the Tea Party movement.
For Wyoming Public Radio, I'm Renny MacKay.