New Prison Proposal Floated

Riverton, WY – Riverton and Rawlins are combining their efforts over the medium security prison issue. Both towns are disputing the Department of Corrections recommendation to build the prison in Torrington. City government officials from both Rawlins and Riverton held a press conference Wednesday to make their point that choosing Torrington would not be in the best interests of Wyoming. They presented an economic analysis done by retired Creighton University Finance Professor Jerome Sherman, who looked at how Goshen County would benefit from the prison and how Scottsbluff County, Nebraska would benefit. Sherman says Nebraska would see 85% of the economic activity created, over $15 million dollars annually, while Goshen County's figure would be around $2.5 Million. Riverton and Rawlins officials are offering a new alternative for the state to consider instead of Torrington. Their idea would be to have parts of the new prison in Rawlins, with other parts of the facility in Riverton. Riverton Mayor John Vincent says if the goal of the prison project is to bring Wyoming inmates and tax dollars back to the state, then Torrington is not the place to put the facility.