New Rules for Ranchers

Casper, Wy – Wyoming has new brucellosis testing rules. The State Livestock Board unanimously adopted the rules Tuesday in response to the recent cases in Sublette County. Under the rules, all female cattle sold for breeding purposes will need a negative brucellosis test within 60 days before change of ownership.
It's believed that the main risk area for the disease is in northwestern Wyoming where elk and bison carry it. But these rules will apply to cattle producers statewide. Platte County Rancher Pat Cullen isn't entirely comfortable sharing the burden of testing. He says it will be a nuisance for him but he's willing to bear it to help his peers in Sublette County.
Ranchers will have to pay for this extra testing, themselves. It will run them an estimated three dollars a head for the test and another five to ten dollars per cow in indirect expenses. State Veterinarian Jim Logan says some state lawmakers are considering legislation to help pay for the added costs.