New Science Standards Approved For Recommendation

Sep 26, 2016

Credit Pete Gosar For Governor

The Wyoming Board of Education decided on Friday to recommend new science standards to Governor Matt Mead. If approved, school districts will develop new curriculum to follow the standards by the fall of 2020. 

The State Board of Education's vote to approve the new standards was unanimous. It has been 13 years since Wyoming updated science standards. Board Chairman Pete Gosar said he expects the potential change in standards to encourage districts to adopt more experience-based or hands-on curriculum when it comes to science in the classroom. 

"I think it will also ask that teachers maybe leave the classroom as much with their kids as they can," said Gosar. "And get out into the world and have an opportunity to experiment a little bit more with the teaching of science."

Governor Mead has a 75-day period to decide on approval.