New Snow Fences On I-80

LARAMIE, wyo – Drivers on I-80 driving between Laramie and Walcott Junction may have noticed brand new snow fences being erected in the recent weeks. Some of the fencing is to replace old, worn out fences, but a majority are new.

Clifford Spoonemore with the Wyoming Department of Transportation says funding to replace old snow fences came from the federal stimulus package, which in turn left money to put in new fencing along I-80.

"There is 44 miles of fence between Laramie and Walcott Junction, and to try and replace that without the stimulus package would have been a back-breaker for WYDOT."

4-point-3-million dollars was initially awarded to replace fence sections along a 23 mile stretch of the interstate between the Wagon Hound Rest Area in Carbon County to the Quealy Dome area in Albany county.

But when additional money was freed up from other stimulus projects, the cost rose to 5-point-2-million dollars and fencing was replaced as far as Elk Mountain with construction of additional fencing in new locations.

The latest construction began in August and should be completed by April of next year.