New Trial Ordered In Death Row Case

Cheyenne, WY – A federal judge has ordered a new trial
for a Wyoming prison inmate who has been on death row on a conviction of murdering a Wyoming State Penitentiary guard in 1997.

U.S. District Judge Clarence Brimmer ruled Friday that inmate James Harlow didn't get a fair trial before being sentenced to death in the stabbing death of Cpl. Wayne Martinez at the state
penitentiary in Rawlins.

Brimmer states that Harlow didn't get a fair trial in state court because of conflicts between his original lawyer and the former state public defender. In addition, the judge said the state
Public Defender's Office failed to give Harlow's lawyer enough money to investigate the circumstances of the case.

Brimmer also says that it was wrong for state prosecutors to withhold information from Harlow's defense team about the other
prison inmates who testified against him at trial.