New UW laboratory facility breaks ground

Mar 8, 2013

UW has officially started construction on the new Michael B. Enzi laboratory facility north of campus.

UW President Tom Buchanan says the building will host introductory courses in the sciences, technology, engineering and math.

Michael B. Enzi Building

“Every undergraduate student at UW will spend time learning, studying and advancing their education here in this facility. This is not an engineering facility, it’s not an arts and science facility, this will serve every undergraduate at UW,” says Buchanan.

Senator Enzi says he worked for many years to get federal Abandoned Mine Lands dollars for the project, and he says he hopes future generations who study in the facility will come to do great things.

“For all of the people in high school right now, they will change jobs a lot of times,” says Enzi, “And half of the jobs they will get haven’t even been invented yet. I’m pretty sure that someday somebody that’s gone through this building that is from Wyoming will come up with a new invention that will be a whole new kind of energy that we haven’t even anticipated yet.”

Funding for the building amounts to 50 million dollars. The building is expected to be complete by spring of 2015.