No Recount in U-S House Race

Laramie, Wy – Gary Trauner has decided NOT to seek a
recount in his narrow loss to Republican Representative Barbara Cubin.
Trauner is a Democrat from Wilson. He said in a statement released through his campaign today (Thursday) that it's -- quote -- "time to put this election to rest."
Trauner says since Wyoming law does not allow for hand counting of ballots, he didn't think there would be any change in the outcome by simply having a recount by machine. He says the state should look at its recounting methods.
The State Canvassing Board certified the election results yesterday.
Those results show Cubin beating Trauner by just over a thousand votes. That's out of some 193-thousand votes that were cast.
The margin was too large to mandate an automatic recount. Trauner had until tomorrow to request a recount, which he would have had to pay for.
Cubin has won a seventh term to Congress by beating Trauner. It was the closest U-S House race in Wyoming since 1970 when Democrat Teno Roncalio beat Republican Harry Roberts by 608 votes.