Northwest College Braces for State Budget Cuts

Jun 15, 2012

By Madison Williams

Northwest College in Powell could make reductions across the board if proposed eight percent budget cuts go through. State lawmakers are currently reviewing proposals and cuts would be for the budget that begins in July of 2013.

Vice-president of Academic Affairs Kim Mills says they would not fill some staff vacancies in order to cut cost.

“Starting into this we had approximately seventeen positions open and we decided there are three positions that are vacant that we are not going to fill at this point in time, and also we had four positions that were interim that we are going to leave interim.”

Mills adds that faculty would not get raises.  He says they are also considering travel reductions for athletics and cuts in school maintenance costs. But Mills doesn’t anticipate cuts in program offerings, food service or housing. Possible tuition increases will be decided by the Wyoming Community College Commission in November.