November 11th, 2016

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Trump Promised Big On Coal. Can He Deliver?

Coal country is celebrating Donald Trump's victory. Support for Trump was strong from Appalachia to Wyoming, and now that he has been elected, people have high hopes he can reverse coal's recent downturn. But can he? For Inside Energy, Wyoming Public Radio’s Stephanie Joyce reports.


UW Political Scientist Jim King Weighs In On A Trump Presidency

University of Wyoming Political Scientist Jim King joins us now to talk more about the Trump Presidency. There’s lot of speculation about how Trump will operate now that he’s President elect and King joins me to discuss that and what some Wyoming residents said before the election.

Large Crowds Turn Out To Protest Proposed Public Land Takeover

In recent years, lawmakers have proposed several bills allowing the state to take over management of Wyoming's abundant federal's National Forests, Parks and Bureau of Land Management areas. As Wyoming Public Radio's Melodie Edwards reports, this week, legislators looked at yet another bill, this time proposing to amend the state constitution to allow public land takeovers.

How Wyoming Cities And Towns Are Proposing To Increase Revenues

With the economic downturn, sales tax income has plummeted and local government finds itself in a world of financial hurt. Hiring freezes, layoffs, decisions not to move forward with road repairs, and the reduction of other services have either been approved or contemplated across the state.

Recently the Wyoming Association of Municipalities, or WAM, urged the legislature’s revenue committee to consider ways to allow communities to generate more revenue. Bob Beck asked WAM Executive Director Shelley Simonton how dire the situation is.

What A Trump Presidency Means For The Energy Industry

Donald Trump promised sweeping reforms to the energy industry during the campaign. He vowed to bring back coal jobs, boost domestic oil and gas production, back out of international climate change agreements and gut the Environmental Protection Agency. Essentially, he vowed to undo most of what the Obama administration has done in the last eight years, and take the country the opposite direction on energy and climate. Now that Trump is the president-elect, how much of that will he actually be able to do? Wyoming Public Radio’s energy reporter Stephanie Joyce joins us now…Stephanie one of Trump’s biggest promises was to bring back coal jobs. Can He do that?

Wind Manufacturing Booms In Colorado, Stalls In Wyoming

Wyoming, like other energy producing states, is shedding jobs in coal, oil, and gas. But the renewables industry is growing nationwide, including jobs to make parts like wind turbine blades and towers. Wyoming wants to attract wind manufacturing jobs as part of an effort to diversity its fossil fuel-based economy, but right now the state has none of these jobs. Neighboring Colorado has thousands. Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson went to find out what’s standing in the way, starting off in Cheyenne.

UW Archeologist Says Humanity Is Experiencing A New Beginning

As America contemplates its future with a new president, one man has been looking to the past for cues about our future. Robert Kelly is an archeologist at the University of Wyoming. In his new book “The Fifth Beginning” he argues humanity has encountered four transition points - or “beginnings” - in its history: the invention of technology, like stone tools, culture, agriculture, and the state. He sat down with Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard to discuss the transition he says is happening right now.

New History Of Indian Wars Examines Accusations Of Genocide

It’s been a long time since a large market book has tackled the history of the Indian Wars in the American West. But just last month, a new one hit bookstores, titled The Earth Is Weeping. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards chatted with author Peter Cozzens about why he felt it was time to get people thinking about this tragic era in American history.