Noyes clinic’s sudden closure leaves healthcare void in Baggs

Sep 14, 2012

The Little Snake River Rural Health District is looking for someone to operate a clinic in Baggs.

The unexpected closure of the Noyes Health Care Center in Baggs has left the rural area with almost no access to healthcare.

Bagss Mayor Kathy Staman  says the clinic ceased operation one day in March with no more notice than a posted sign saying it was closed.

The Baggs town attorney, Tom Thompson, decline to comment on the clinic closure, and Noyes clinic board members could not be reached for comment.

Mayor Staman says Baggs and Dixon relied on the clinic for primary healthcare.

“There is currently no form of healthcare, clinic or otherwise. Even the home healthcare system has diminished. There’s nothing here for our seniors.”

Staman says some area nurses continue to visit with patients “out of the goodness of their hearts.” The Little Snake River ambulance service can still transport patients, but the nearest hospital is 40 miles away in Colorado.

The Little Snake River Rural Health District owns the building where the Noyes clinic used to be, and is seeking a private healthcare provider to set up there soon.