NRDC upset over wolf legislation

Laramie, Wy – The Natural Resources Defense Council is strongly objecting to a bill that may be considered by the U-S Senate that intends to once again remove wolves from the endangered species list. One bill sponsored by Montana's U-S Senators impacts Montana and Idaho and would be based on wolf management plans approved by the federal government. Another bill applies to the Northern Rockies and would include Wyoming. A federal judge re-instated the endangered species protection following wolf hunts in both states. Andrew Wetzler of the N-R-D-C says there is a difference between a judge making a decision and U-S Senators.
"It's different because when a judge rules it is based on the law which has neutral principals or is based on scientific findings. This is just special interest politics. This is politicians saying we don't like what the courts said or the science said and we are going to ignore it."
Wetzler says if the bills pass they could rip the heart out of the endangered species act.