Nude Paintings Cause Controversy at Community College

Laramie, Wy – Western Wyoming Community College's trustees are questioning whether to allow the expansion of a campus art exhibit because two of the new pieces contain nudity.
The exhibit in the archaeology hallway already houses five paintings, each showing images of famous cave art. Painter Darryl Newton would like to add seven more.
But trustees expressed concern last week when they saw that one of the pictures showed a large nude woman. Newton describes it as a traditional image of health, prosperity and abundance. Another painting showed either a man dressed as a stag or a half-man, half-elk creature with its genitals exposed.
A Trustee says schoolchildren come through that hallway to view dinosaur fossils, and that he can't vote to approve the paintings until he knows the images are appropriate for children.
Newton says he's in NO hurry to hang the new pieces. But, he says, he won't expand the exhibit unless all seven new paintings were included.
The trustees plan to discuss the topic again at their next meeting.