A number of Wyoming bridges deemed structurally deficient.

Cheyenne, WY – Nearly 13 percent, or 395, of Wyoming's 3,060 bridges are deemed structurally deficient. A report from the national nonprofit group Transportation for
America says the deficient bridges have average daily traffic of
almost 890,000 motorists. The counties in Wyoming that have the worst bridges are Weston, Uinta, Washakie, Albany and Johnson.
Wyoming Department of Transportation state bridge engineer Keith
Fulton said the term "structurally deficient" does not necessarily mean a bridge is dangerous.
He says that bridges on the state's highways and interstates are safe and overall the state's bridges are in fair to good condition.
WYDOT spends about $20 million a year for bridge repair and
replacement. It would take $89.5 million to bring Wyoming's bridges
up to proper standards.