NY Times reporter visits UW

Laramie, WY – New York Times science reporter Kenneth Chang spoke to University of Wyoming students about the future of U.S. space exploration today (Tuesday). Chang discussed the changes that the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 could bring. President Obama signed the act Monday. The act seeks to develop the relationship between NASA and the commercial space industry. But Chang lamented the lack of a clear agenda for NASA. He says it's important that there be a national dialogue about what NASA's mission should be.
"At least there'd be consensus about why NASA is doing things and that hasn't come out. Instead, there's this hodgepodge bill where commercial gets some money, Johnson Space Center gets some money and everyone gets something but it's hard to see how it fits into a bigger vision."
Under the act signed this week, funding will go to NASA and the commercial space industry to help hurry the development of rockets that would carry humans to the International Space Center.