October 29th 2010

Nov 8, 2011

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A listing of today's stories:

Voters to take taxes to the polls.
One of the issues voters across the state will be deciding on is whether to either impose or renew a one percent sales tax for local government services. Sales tax revenue is one of the few ways cities and counties can pay for necessary services and operational needs. Wyoming Public Radios Tristan Ahtone explains.

Wyoming's Political Landscape.
big question nationally is whether Republicans will take over Congress. In Wyoming, Republicans may add advantages in the legislature and among top elected officials. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay talks about what the political landscape might look like after the election and how that could affect policy.

Republican Cindy Hill sets sights on top education post.
Republican candidate for State Superintendent Cindy Hill is making her second attempt at getting elected to higher office. Hill lost a Laramie County legislative race in 2000, but this summer won every county in defeating incumbent Superintendent Jim McBride and two others in the Republican primary. Hill spent the last nine years as an assistant principal at a Cheyenne Junior High School before she resigned. She spoke with Bob Beck.

Democrat Mike Massie discusses his campaign for State Superintendent.
The Democratic Candidate for State Superintendent is Mike Massie. He currently serves as the director of a developmental pre-school organization and is wrapping up 16 years as a State Legislator. Massie was a co-sponsor of the Hathaway scholarship legislation among other education bills. He's also worked as a teacher at the University of Wyoming. Massie spoke with Bob Beck earlier this month.

Laramie voters discuss their voting motivations.
As Wyoming voters prepare to cast their ballots we wondered what issues are driving them to the polls. Wyoming Public Radio intern Irina Zhorov spoke to Laramie residents about this.

Teenager With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Speaks To Students
Eighteen-year-old Morgan Fawcett is an Alaskan Native affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. That's the umbrella term for the range of physical effects and mental disabilities than can come about in the children of women who drink during pregnancy. Fawcett was diagnosed with F-A-S-D as a teenager, and he often shares his story in an effort to raise awareness. He also plays the native flute as part of his presentations. He say the instrument has helped him cope with his condition.

Shale Oil Boom Could Be In Wyoming's Future.
Energy companies and Wall Street analysts say shale oil could boost U.S. onshore oil production for the first time in decades. This year, attention turned to southeastern Wyoming and northern Colorado, which could be sitting on a major shale oil deposit. First there was a land rush - and now exploration is underway. But as Wyoming Public Radio's Molly Messick reports, a land rush doesn't always translate to an oil boom.

Conservation Efforts In Green River Basin.
Wyoming's Green River Basin is home to two world-class resources: natural gas and wildlife. But in places like the Jonah gas field in western Wyoming, drilling is so intense some consider the gas field a total loss for wildlife. To make up for that, drilling companies put millions of dollars into a fund to pay for projects designed to off-set the impacts of the gas field. A similar fund has been created for the nearby Pinedale Anticline gas field. Among projects now being paid for with drilling money are conservation easements -- now covering some 35-thousand acres of private land. Wyoming Public Radio's Rebecca Huntington visits the largest of the deals completed so far.