Official Says Don't Worry About Air Service

Casper, Wy – Casper's airport manager says there's no need to worry about a loss of SkyWest Airlines flights to Salt Lake City. Dan Mann says reports last week about the potential loss of the service were overstated. Mann says SkyWest may lose money on the Casper-Salt Lake route this summer, due to new weight restrictions on propeller planes that won't allow the airline to sell all 30 seats on their Casper flights. A SkyWest spokesperson says they are looking at ways to make the service profitable this summer. And while Mann isn't worried about this year, he says this could be an issue in the future.
That's part of why Mann's been trying to get Northwest to flies jets between Casper and Minneapolis. If the market supports the jets, the hope is that SkyWest would also consider adding jets just to compete. As for the propeller-planes SkyWest currently flies to Salt Lake, Mann admits airfares could be higher this summer because of the weight restrictions.