Officials Find Many Unpermitted CBM Reservoirs

Laramie, Wy – State inspectors say they need more
resources after finding dozens of unpermitted "on-channel" reservoirs at coal-bed methane sites.
Patrick Tyrell is the state engineer. He says out of 217 such
reservoirs found in a single drainage, 153 did not have proper permits. That's more than two out of three -- and Tyrell says there might be hundreds more unpermitted reservoirs out there.
Meanwhile, the state Department of Environmental Quality is investigating whether coal-bed methane water discharges might have caused some flooding on Wild Horse Creek.
Some environmentalists say these findings show that the state isn't doing enough to regulate coal-bed methane operations.
But John Robitaille, vice president of the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, says the unpermitted reservoirs most likely are oversights, NOT intentional violations.