Oil and Gas Commission looks for more public comment

Laramie, WY – The state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission held a public hearing today (Tuesday), as it sets new rules for oil and gas development in Wyoming. Among the rules the commission is developing are changes in disclosure requirements for the fluids used in hydraulic fracturing. At today's meeting, the commission said it would open another 15-day public comment period. Stakeholders on both sides of oil and gas regulation say they are pleased with that decision. John Robitaille is with the Petroleum Association of Wyoming. He says there is still a lot of language that needs to be clarified, in the proposed rules.
"We are really looking for a rule package that is very clear for all of us to completely understand, so that we don't unintentionally do something that was not clear in the rule."
The Powder River Basin Resource Council's Deb Thomas says she thinks the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is doing what it has to do to digest all of the comments it's received. And she says that Governor Freudenthal made clear today that he is committed to settling on new rules before long.