Online map highlights water connections in Pinedale Anticline

May 2, 2013

An environmental group in Pinedale is trying to help residents understand water quality issues, by creating an online map of gas wells, water wells, and other hydrologic data.

Linda Baker with the Upper Green River Alliance says she got the idea for the project when water wells in the Pinedale Anticline gas field started showing traces of benzene and other pollutants several years ago.

Baker served on the Pinedale Anticline Working Group, and she says data from the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Environmental Quality, and other agencies was very technical.

“It became clear to me during meetings with all of the different agencies involved in that, that there was a lot of water information out there, but it was difficult to understand,” Baker said.

Baker’s map shows the location of gas wells, produced water facilities, rivers, geologic faults, and water wells, noting which had hydrocarbon detections.

You can see the map by clicking here.