Online School in Riverton Has No State License

Laramie, Wy – Correspondence, records and finances for
an online school are being handled in Evanston, but that school doesn't have a state education license.
The attorney for Richardson University, Cheyenne attorney Tim Kingston, says Richardson doesn't need a license from the state Department of Education.
Kingston says the reason is because the school's academic work is handled in the Bahamas -- and NOT in Wyoming.
Yet Richardson's Web site doesn't provide a Bahamas address -- nor any other address besides one in Evanston.
Kingston says the Evanston address is for a separate company called the Official Records Service Center, which handles Richardson's correspondence, records and finances.
As for Richardson's academic programs, Kingston wouldn't provide
The Associated Press with the school's Bahamas address, citing attorney-client privilege.
Meanwhile, the Bahamas Ministry of Education said it had no record of Richardson University. And directory assistance had NO listing for a Richardson University in the Bahamas.
Richardson University is apparently a clone of another online school, Hamilton University. Both schools have had identical blocks of test on their Web sites, and the schools even have the same logos -- only the name at the top of the logo is different.
Hamilton also has never been licensed by the state.