Oscar winner from Cheyenne hopes to bring change in Pakistan

Mar 2, 2012

Film maker Daniel Junge, who grew up in Cheyenne, won an Oscar this week for his film “Saving Face.” It’s a documentary about the disturbing trend of Pakistani men throwing acid in the faces of women.

The film follows several victims, and even though some of them face ongoing threats from their attackers, Junge says they were eager to be filmed.

“These women want to be heard,” Junge said. “They’ve had this awful thing happen to them, and I think they saw the chance to tell their stories with our cameras.”

Junge says one of the things the struck him while filming was the dignity and strength the victims showed.

“Through the resilience of these women, there’s hope for change," Junge said. "And I’m just hoping that we as film makers can somehow help elicit change.”

“Saving Face” will debut on H-B-O on March 8.