Out of State Inmates Moved

Laramie, Wy – The Wyoming Department of Corrections last week moved 208 male inmates from a prison in Texas to another prison in Oklahoma.
The inmates were moved from the Bill Clayton Detention Center in Littlefield, Texas, to the North Fork Correctional Facility in Sayre, Oklahoma. There are still 67 Wyoming inmates at the Texas prison.
Melinda Brazzale, spokeswoman for the Wyoming Department of Corrections, said Wyoming will likely send more inmates to the Oklahoma prison in the future. She said that prison has room and said it's efficient for Wyoming to keep its inmates together as much as possible.
Wyoming lacks adequate space in its own prisons to house all its inmates. The state is planning to build a new prison in Torrington.
Brazzale said that once the Torrington prison is completed, the
state will bring back the more than 500 inmates it currently houses in out of state prisons.