Owner of Elephant Head Lodge frustrated with the fire

Laramie, Wyo. – The owner of Elephant Head Lodge west of Cody says she's not sure it was the right thing to let the Gunbarrel fire burn so long before trying to contain it.

Debbie Millard says she's grateful to the fire crews that protected her guest lodge Tuesday, but the situation is frustrating.

"You know it's just one of those things when you don't really know if it's better to do what we just did, or whether it was something that they should have acted on from the beginning," she said.

Millard added that it's hard to deal with the fire as a small business trying to make the best of the busy season.

The fire first started July 26 and forest officials decided it was best to let it burn naturally at first. It was not threatening any homes or businesses then. When the fire started moving closer to buildings, crews started fighting it.

Millard says she understands that motive, but she's not ready to say that it was a good idea. She has sent all her guests home and many others have canceled their reservations for later in the season.