Oyster Ridge Music Festival - Kemmerer

Jun 4, 2014

2014 marked the 20th year anniversary of the Oyster Ridge Music Festival! The Festival’s humble beginning was a single man’s dream to start a festival in Kemmerer, Wyoming (thank you Keith Chasteen!). After a lot of hard work and perseverance, that dream became a reality. They had a handful of fans gather to watch the artists they could afford on a very limited budget. Year after year, through good times and bad, the Oyster Ridge Music Festival learned, grew into an event attended by thousands, and morphed into what it is today. A nationally recognized music festival, a destination for up and coming artists, a place that jump starts careers, a place and event where memories are made and shared.

In twenty years they have progressed from a strictly single genre event into what is known and loved as a multi-genre festival.  There truly is something at the Oyster Ridge Music Festival for everyone.  They are unique. At no other festival will you find the openness and access to speak, learn, or even play with the artists you get to admire up on stage. Oyster Ridge Music Festival has become a venue where artists collaborate with one another and where songs are born. The remarkable thing is that this has all happened at a non-gated, FREE event!

Happy 20th Anniversary everyone! See you in July!

For more information visit http://oysterridgemusicfestival.com/