P and A Sues State

Cheyenne, Wy – A group that advocates for the mentally
ill today (Monday) filed a federal lawsuit against the state of
Wyoming, alleging that health officials have NOT followed through
on a three-year-old agreement to improve conditions at the State
The suit -- filed by Protection and Advocacy System Incorporated
-- says the state has failed to provide and maintain appropriate
staffing, training and supervision so as not to endanger patients.
The complaint alleges that patients are at risk of immediate
injury because there's not enough staff to provide 15-minute checks
or prevent patients from hiding medications and acquiring sharp
The suit also alleges that patients have been subjected to
racial and ethnic slurs and that their right to privacy and
religious freedom has been violated.
State Attorney General Pat Crank says he has not yet had time to
review the 32-page complaint and cannot yet comment on it.