PAC Opposes Medical Malpractice Amendments

Laramie, Wyoming – A Political Action Committee is opposing both constitutional amendments that have to do with Medical Malpractice. The group called Citizens For Real Insurance Reform thinks making insurance companies justify rate increases will be more effective then asking citizens to give up their constitutional rights for something that make not work. Amendment C sets up a group intended to weed out frivolous cases, while the more controversial Amendment D allows lawmakers to cap non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases. PAC Spokeswoman Shauna Roberts says that while insurance companies have suggested that caps are needed because of high jury awards, she says that has not happened in Wyoming.
The AFL-CIO's Kim Floyd says the amendments are unfair to Wyoming workers who are being asked to give up too much. Doctors have argued for both amendments, believing that they will help in reducing the increases that many have had to pay for medical malpractice insurance.