Pandemic Would Overwhelm Hospitals

Laramie, WY – If a flu pandemic hits Wyoming, it could quickly overwhelm hospitals. That's the message from Albany County public health officials. Response coordinator Marianne Viner says, in a flu pandemic, calling 911 may not help you. "Nine-one-one personnel are going to be home, either sick themselves, or taking care of their families. We could easily have a 20 to 50 percent loss of that workforce," she said. "So when you call 911, someone may not come within minutes, it may be hours before someone can come to help you."
Viner says for that reason, people should learn first-aid and CPR, and keep a stock of basic supplies at home. Albany County has been planning its response to large-scale disasters. To help families get ready, officials have created a DVD and a list of things to have on hand. Those are available at the Albany County Library.