Paper on Preble's Mouse Could Have Big Effect

Laramie, Wy – A scientific journal published an article saying the Preble's meadow jumping mouse is not a distinct species. This is significant because right now the Preble's mouse is a federally protected species and the state of Wyoming has asked the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service to take the mouse off the threatened species list.
The work was done by Rob Ramey, but the Biodiversity Conservation Alliances' Jeremy Nichols says he may have an agenda to try and undermine the Endangered Species Act.
Nichols points out Ramey just took a job with the Department of Interior and will play a role in deciding if species should receive federal protection.
The state paid Ramey to do his research and the governor's deputy chief of staff says it is the best science available right now. Both the governor's office and Nichols say the federal government could use this article when considering to remove protections for the mouse.