Park Service Announces Winter Plan

Washington D-C – The National Park Service is proposing to
maintain current snowmobile regulations that would allow 720
snowmobiles per day to enter Yellowstone National Park.
A draft statement issued by the agency today (Monday) mirrors a
temporary plan that is currently in place. That plan has been used
the last three winters.
It would also allow 140 snowmobiles to enter Grand Teton
National Park each day.
The snowmobiles must use what the Park Service calls "best
available technology" to reduce noise and pollution levels.
Park officials stress that the report is only a draft and the
plan is the agency's preferred alternative. A final plan is
expected to be issued in time for the winter season next year.
For years, snowmobile access to the park was largely
unrestricted. But that ended three years ago when the Park Service
decided to limit the numbers and types of snowmobiles allowed.