Park Service Director Makes First Trip to Wyoming

Laramie, Wy – The new head of the National Park Service made her first official trip outside of Washington D-C. And her destination was Wyoming. Mary Bomar came for a conference on tourism in Casper.
On the subject of snowmobiling she says she is pleased with the process right now and thinks Park Supervisor Suzanne Lewis is doing a good job, but she does not feel it is appropriate to give her opinion because the Service is reviewing its policy right now.
The Park Service does allow snowmobiling right now with a daily maximum of visitors and riders must go with a guide.
Yellowstone and Grand Teton open to snowmobiles and snow coaches in mid December.
The National Park Service is also working on a new campaign called the Centennial Challenge. This is to prepare the parks for another generation of Americans as the Park Service turns 100 in just ten years. Bomar says they want Wyomingites to contribute to the dialogue on this issue.
Bomar says they are already working on the backlog of maintenance at the national parks including in Wyoming. The backlog is thought to be between four and nine billion dollars.