Pavillion residents told several water wells should not be used.

Pavillion, Wyoming – Residents of the Pavillion area heard what many already feared. 41 private water wells should not be used for drinking or cooking. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry are now urging all area residents to have their water tested. During a public meeting residents were told that there is a presence of gasses like methane in some local wells which could lead to combustion .which means good ventilation is needed where water is used. But resident Zoe Randall says she can't afford to make those changes.
"I don't have money to move my hot water heater out of my bathroom. It's a tankless hot water heater. I don't have the money to put in windows in my bathroom to vent. So - what do I do?"
People living just east of the Fremont County town have said for years that they have serious water quality problems and many think that gas development is to blame. but officials say the source is hard to pinpoint. Much of the water has high sodium and sulfate content long associated with the local aquifer.