Pavillion water issues continue to be worked out

Laramie, WY – The Wyoming Water Development Commission has yet to rule out any options when it comes to providing a safe drinking water supply to residents east of the Fremont County town of Pavillion. Last year, the Environmental Protection Agency advised several area households that they should no longer drink or cook with their water. Since that time, the commission has tried to find an alternate water supply. Project Manager Keith Clarey says there are many possibilities, from treating ground or surface water to piping water from Pavillion. But he says some of those options raise questions about where the funding would come from.
"We don't typically fund anything to do with distribution systems or water treatment as such. So if we identify water treatment as the preferred option or one of the preferred options, we would not be able to actually fund that."
Clarey says the commission plans to discuss the preferred possibilities as a public meeting in late June or early July. Many of the affected residents believe that natural gas development is to blame for their water quality problems. The EPA is continuing to evaluate that claim.