PETA Announces "Dog In A Cage" Billboard For Laramie

Aug 8, 2014

Credit Arturo de Albornoz via Flickr

An animal rights group has announced plans to erect a billboard in the Laramie area that depicts a dog locked in a cage. This comes after the news that a child was allegedly kept in a cage in Albany County.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, plan to put up a billboard will read quote “no one belongs in a cage. Never crate your dog.”
PETA campaigner Matt Bruce says this case is a tragedy.

“Most of the people who are rightly horrified by this case when they hear about what happened to this 7 year old boy don’t even think twice when they hear about long term confinement for dogs.”

Bruce says the animal rights group is still in talks with local advertisers about securing a billboard in the Laramie area.