Pete and Lynn Simpson take their show on the road

Nov 9, 2012

Long time Wyoming residents Pete and Lynne Simpson, along with all three of their children, will be staging a dramatic version of the epic Civil War poem “John Brown’s Body.”  Pete Simpson says even though the story was written 150 years ago, it’s relevant to a modern audience.  “This is a divisive time politically in this country," says Pete. "The Civil War, of course, was the most fundamentally divisive time in our nation’s history, and we survived.”  Lynne says they’ve been rehearsing long-distance, because their children don’t live in Wyoming.  “We get on Skype, and we read to each other. And then at the end of it we say, ‘OK, what do we do? What’s better? How can we improve this?’" says Lynne. "We just love being coaches for one another.”  The play will be performed in Cody on Nov. 13, in Casper on Nov. 14, in Cheyenne on Nov. 15 and in Laramie on Nov. 16.