Pharmacy School Tuition Increased

Laramie, WY – It's going to cost more to attend the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy. The Board of Trustees Saturday reluctantly agreed to increase tuition after the school's accrediting organization suggested more money was needed for the program. Trustee Greg Schaefer of Gillette cast the lone no vote against the increase. He says it's the largest increase he's seen since being on the Trustees and he felt squeezed by the accrediting body. Schaefer also was concerned about how the increase would affect enrollment, particularly out-of-state students. Trustee Doctor Howard Wilson of Thermopolis agreed to being felt squeezed, but he doubted it would have a huge impact on enrollment. While most disliked the idea, the board agreed with Trustee Tom Spicer of Rock Springs that without the tuition increase, the School of Pharmacy program would lose accreditation.